Lady palutena gmod

can someone please port lady palutena to gmod as a ragdoll

here is a model of palutena

first off, thats a picture of kid icarus
second off, its just a cut out of palutena

Here you go.

i think that picture of kid icarus was a substitute for him saying “please”

Palutena’s trophy is a partially modeled version of her, but it would take some serious work to even come close to what you’d need for this.

I know who Palutena is, and that is Pit

excuse me that i forgot the characters name and only remembered the game name

no really excuse me i genuinely forgot

I’m just really hoping someone can port her in gmod.
I’m not skilled in porting or modelling so i came here to see if someone would like to port her, if not then thanks anyways. I have a link to a smash hack of Palutena if it would be easier if anybody would like to try .

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99% percent of the time i don’t get my requests answered but IDC I’m still going to try. :slight_smile:


Not to be rude, but that’s probably because your past requests have either been vague as shit with no actual details for anyone to go by, or because you were asking for a bunch of stuff at once. Even in this request, all you say is to port Palutena over to GMod; okay, but as what? Do you want a ragdoll? A playermodel? Something that can be turned into one of those SNPC things later on down the road? Even though it’s pretty safe to assume around this section that you’re looking for a ragdoll, you kind of need to provide a bit more information for people to work with, otherwise you’ll just be given whatever and probably not get the expected thing you were asking for.

to be completely honest yes you’re right I was just in the mindset of “I want palutena in gmod” sounding like a bratty child, I completely forgot to add i want her as a ragdoll.
I’m still hoping if some can port her to gmod as a “ragdoll” i’d be really happy. @Katra804 thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

This would be good for a model if not for the fact that there’s no textures. Without them you essentially have a purple and black checkerboard model if it’s ported as is to gmod.

And I have no idea what to do with .pcs or .pac files.

Aw man :frowning: if i find the texture would u want and be able to port a ragdoll of her to gmod?

There’s the Palutena Trophy here Last time I opened it in blender though the textures were really messy on her upperbody. Hope this might help though.

can this model work? anybody?

i don’t know why everyone claims porting ragdolls is so difficult, rigging and porting character models as ragdolls in gmod literally takes me only like a few minutes, t-posed already or not

But you probably only do the ones you want to right?

i’ll do anyone video game originated, i don’t care for anime, cartoon, tv show, movie originated characters, even give them finger posing (and probably would do face posing aswell, but i dont know how to do that yet exactly, so i just bodygroup them with different faces lol)

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i was going to start on Palutena later today, the SSBB trophy model

would you please port palutena ware-wolff i would have replied earlier but i was giving up hope that somebody would want to port her as a ragdoll.

i sent you a pm