Ladys and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts

Originals - ;

Nicely done. The fire is a little bit dark but the effect is really pretty.

The model fits very well with the foreground. My only complaints are that the background is too dark (the white highlights of the clouds have been lost) and that the sun should be higher (the rim-lighting suggests this in places). The border is unnecessary too.

Other than that, really well done.

Woah…this looks really nice man!
have a artistic.

This. The sun should definitely be higher, then it would be epic, plus the clouds shouldn’t be so dark on the right side.

This is pretty sad when I see this, because it totally proves you can make amazing things when you want to.

is it a bird!?! is it a Meteorite??? no it is… PYRO!


Reminds me of UP. …or a Pixar film. Looks great!


Nice. This reminds me of the flight I had home. Only it was far from as epic as this. Not event the stewardess where sexy. What am I paying for I ask?

This is truly amazing.

See? You can make amazing things when you really want to.

Good work.

Rainbows are much more amazing, this shit is just a posing test.

Great greenscreen/cutout/whatever