Lag and disconnects since last update

we have been facing lag and disconnections before, but after the last update it seems it follows a different pattern. The server lags for few minutes, where your actions will execute 30 second or even 1 minute later, and then the server timesout. If you are dead when this happens, your body will disappear.

This is happening now VERY often on London I. Today I played most of the day and it was pretty fine the morning, from mid-afternoon (EU time) to evening it has been very bad, many timeouts and disconnections. I have other people playing with me, and they all experience the same, so its not my connection.

Very hard to play with such a situation, can someone please look at it?

It you have logs, it happened 3-4 times in the last 2 hours (its’ 23:20 here in central europe).