Lag caused by buildings

We need something to prevent the awfull lag when loading large buildings.

EU is unplayable in some areas since the buildings are too huge and cause lag freezes for about 0.5-1.5 sec.

You stresstested the server with building limit allrdy! We need a cap on personal structures now for the alpha!

The problem is the big structures that are very tall, we need a limit how high we can build or how many walls/pillars etc. each person can place.
This is needed for the alpha testing imo. Its not a solution for the long term but to reduce the lag before we get optimizations.

Another approach for the future would be to have structures to be maintained or they will decay, i have houses on the EU i never gonna use again and they wont go away since i log in every day.
This has to change in a rule that for example says you have to open a door in a structure to be reset from decaying. Or make a decay that is permanent everytime plus a repair tool to maintain the walls etc.

I like to hear if anyone thinks the same and why or why not.

I never had loading problems that made me lag… Are you sure its not just you?

The decay idea is good since there’s lots of raided shacks and houses that will never be used again removing these would remove the stress on the server of course.

Then you are not really playing this game…

You really suck at arguing and all that you are doing on this forum is sending negative energy out.
I am playing the game and you know I do since I talked to you someday ago on the EU server. Stop writing stupid short replys. Don’t bother writing if you don’t have anything to contribute with.

I just tell you the truth, you do not play the game long enough to experience the load lag of big structures, dont be mad about it…

I think materials should have a strength to them that will have an impact on your builds. For example, a base pilar at the bottom of a tower can only take so much weight, which depends at the material. You would only be able to create these huge structures with metal materials holding the weight.

Get a better PC

Nice this would logically explain the restriction of huge buildings. I really like this idea since its not just a restriction anymore since you get more options to build higher with other and better ressources.

Just recently in the past 24 hours, I have noticed a huge change in the amount I lag during the game. I have a great computer and decent internet, and up until recently, everything was running perfect. Now when I see other players, it looks like they are teleport-walking, and when I get close to a giant structure, my screen freezes for 2 seconds and im left saying to myself “please no one shoot me, please no one shoot me, please no one shoot me.”

Its getting to the point where the game is unplayable, and I know it has nothing to do with anything on my end.

When you wouldnt be such a noob you would know that its all about game optimization.

Oh so if Crysis would be optimized better then all pc’s would be able to run it on max…It all makes sense now.

wow so many noobs around here, is there a noob feast or something?

You just compared a “multi million blockbuster game” title with a indie production in alpha state.


You did say that it’s the game fault…I just translated what you wrote…Do you not realize the stupidity of some of your own comments? If you are lagging make sure your internet connection and pc are good enough to run the game fluently first…Go look at youtube , Nobody who records there laggs.

So you say a game in alpha is the same then a finished one? Further you say that a million dollar game is the same as a indie developed game…I just translated what you wrote…Do you not realize the stupidity of some of your own comments?

5 minutes ago i crafted “Wood Ceilings” and when i want to put them ontop you stuck till you switch to another weapon :eng101:

I had the same deal, except it was with any building material.

Same here in certain areas i freeze for at least 1 to 2 seconds

At least I can wrote my own comments and not Copy paste ^^
What I’m saying is that it’s not always the games fault. It may be your browser,internet connection, malware on your pc and etc . I never claimed that Crysis and Rust is the same. But you did say and I quote “When you wouldnt be such a noob you would know that its all about game optimization.” You more or less said It’s the game and NOT anything on your end.

Please just end this stupid anger you have against me and start thinking logical instead. We offered our guidance to you. None of us meant anything mean, you are the one who started hating on us.