Lag compensation and or "shitboxes"

Hit box issues are all over facepunch with no real explanation on how to fix them, Is lag compensation even actually used?

The wiki states that it is used

But in some threads (some pretty old) people say that it actually isnt.

Does anyone have a fix for these issues short of turning up tickrate really high and hoping for the best?

Did you make up this post because you have a issue or just something you felt randomly picking up? If you have a issue you should be more specific what your trouble is.

well zombies walking towards you, you shoot at the head, blood comes out, no damage

You shoot to the left or right of the head “predicting” where your bullet will hit based on 50-60 ping, you get damage.

i have this issue and have had this issue since gmod 12. i have thought about just editing the hitboxes and making them larger but then you lose the difficulty needed to shoot a head of something standing still.

if it is a matter of lag compensation not actually being used then that can be fixed (for me anyways) by editing the weapons to enable it.

Or make the hitboxes scale with speed.

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Okay, got the answer.

Lag compensation is only enabled on players by default, in the last two years we’ve had the ability to enable it on specific entities with Entity:SetLagCompensated, do that and you should see it working.

so in a high npc environment it would probably be greatly discouraged to do. seems like alot of cpu power that is really unneeded


the way lag compensation generally works is the lag compensated entity is recorded, if you have 100 ish npcs all being lag compensated will that not require a hell of a lot more server resources then i would likely want to use?

You are given the option to try it out.

tried it, Causes 100% cpu usage after awhile completely freezing the server (i know took me forever to try it )

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no nvm, it was something else… this seems to be working fine