Lag due to ping?

Ok so, when I join my server I have like 50 ping and on my teamspeak, on the same machine, I have 14 ping.
If someone have high ping on my darkrp server, everyone’s ping is going up.
Ex: a guy have 300 ping, I will have 116 ping
Sorry for mistakes I speak french

One person’s ping won’t affect the pings of everyone else. Are you sure nothing is happening to the server to make pings rise? (Overloaded, attacks, etc)

What do you mean by ping rise?
And one person’s ping is affection evryone’s else ping.
I don’t know how it happens but it’s really weird!

A ping rise is when the ping gets bigger. (C’est quand the ping devient plus grand)

Ok so it happens to players on the server, not on the server (I think)

Where is your server located?

Canada, as I am.

You either have a shitty host
You’re under a pussy clocked ddos attack.

This is my host (SP-64) :

You’re spending over 100$ on server cost and you don’t know why you’re ping is rising… or have the brains to maybe contact you’re server host… Someone tape a carrot to my forehead, a mop to my ass, and call me a unicorn.

How is this helpful? Like, at all?

Told him to contact his server provider.

Pretty sure you didn’t, instead you chose to insult him because you assume he hasn’t contacted his server provider.

How can my server provider can help me on my gmod’s server? -_-

Who is it exactly experiencing high pings? Is it you or everyone or just a select group of people?