Lag in singleplayer

Hello. Long-time help-user, first time poster, so bear with me. I recently installed a nukepack, conna’s tools, Gcombat09, and smart-welding. They all worked fine for the first try in singleplayer. A day passed, I went back into singleplayer, and I’m suddenly lagging. It’s not normal lag, and it’s not FPS lag. When I move, I take two steps forward and one step back, sort of like a rubberband effect. When I fire, it takes a second for the weapon to fire. I’ve looked up the issue, I tried changing cl_predict, and nothing has helped. I’m fine on multiplayer. Any help would be appreciated.

Gcombat08 is the real gcombat.

Uninstalled 09, installed 08. Seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you very much.