Lag issues - DarkRP 60 Players


My server have some lags issues since I don’t know when.

I’m hosted on a dedicated server

There is only my DarkRP server on this one.

And when I do the top (or htop) command on Putty, i see that my server use 100% or more for the CPU Usage.

I have a really big server, I saved my data with mysql and i have a lot of addons (vcmod, arcbank, car dealer …).

This is my net_graph (I don’t know how to read it :/) :

If someone have any idea to reduce the lag, i take it.


If you need more information tell it :slight_smile:


After 1 hour that look like that :

It’s probably caused by all those addons you have. What is your tickrate?
Scriptfodder addons are rarely optimized even just a little.

that’s a huge list. I would love to see the live environment.

My tickrate is to 16 and it’s an old script list ^^

There is a tool to know what’s addons cost the most ressource usage ?

DBugR is not designed to do the following :Magically fix lag