Lag on Rust (My fault or server?)

I open this topic to ask a question.

Is it normal to have so much lag? My connection is correct, but in the other games I have no problems to play. On this I have sometimes teletrasportes position as I move, sometimes quite important when shooting with face others lag and often takes between half a second and a second to open doors. For graphics performance is not, I have a fairly powerful PC so I blamed the problem with the connection. Although maybe it’s mine or servers (90-150 ping is normal in Amsterdam II which is where the game). Is the game thing? Of the official servers? Thing mine?

Does anyone else have these problems?

Other than that, with a graphical r9 280x vaporX sometimes freezes image I have from 2-5 seconds.

Sorry for my bad english.

Its common issue - this freezes has nothing to do with ur PC, game is just buggy crap atm. They fixed freezes in last Thursday then they realease some hotfix at Saturday and freezes came back to the game.

I dont’ think I’ve ever had a freeze last for an entire 5 seconds, usually it’s just stuttering that happens far too often but never a full on freeze. That being said I’d say even that’s probably the game as apposed to your rig