Lag on server(s)

Hello i need help with a issues, i rent a server from kimsufi and for some reasons i lag on the server when up to 100 props.

The dedi is the 24g and it got 100mbps.
The cpu nor the ram is using much, less than 50% and less than 10 gb.

My internet is at 60/60 Mbps, and computer can handle most things.

Ps: im not an englishman but i try my best on my grammar with ipad(i dont like ipad either if you ask)

Can your dedi play crysis on high?

(User was banned for this post ("Why reply?" - Ninja101))

Eh? Seriosly jake, dumbest question i heard of, even you should know as you run buzzhosting.

CPU shows at 50% could be 1 core of a Core2 chip for example, meaning 100% of allocated cpu usage.

SRCDS(Gmod server) can only use 1 CPU core (effectively)

I will test that, thannk you
But i have one question, how much servers per cpu can be hosted