Lag on these specs? o-o

so pre this whole patch thing my game was running flawlessly and rarely getting lag spikes :o know after the patch it lags like hell and is at around 5-10 FPS @_@

Graphics:GTX 675M
OS:Windows 8 on a laptop

i’m no genius but i’m pretty sure i’m not supposed to lag this bad :T

The lag with this patch is a known issue and is all around the forums. I do not know what you attempted to achieve with this thread.

I was seeing if anyone had any fixes for this because I’ve seen people with much worse PCs that run smooth as hell compared to mine -3-

make sure your laptop is using the graphics card to play the game and not an integrated one like the hd series.

you could also try changing custom settings in google chrome if you type about:flags into the address bar and hit enter you can change a few settings to get better performance.

Also go to your NVidia control panel and click manage 3d settings and you can change maximum pre rendered frames to 2, change multi display to single display performance mode, and power management mode to prefer maximum performance. Make sure under the program settings tab it has these same settings for chrome or whatever browser you are using.

no its your second card , so use the web browser Opera to play with your 675m,
because you are 2 card and the card with the i7 are really bad