Lag Problem

My computer is kinda bad, but run Warz 20 fps (before V2), in Rust i’m only running 10 fps, already removed grams, removed shadows of grams . … but it not work … Anyone know anything I can do? I want have at 15 to 20 fps in Rust!

My Settings:
Intel Core i-3 2310M CPU@2.10 2:10 GHz GHz
RAM: 4.00 GB
HD: 500
Intel ® HD Graphics 3000

(Sorry for bad english)

Th same problem is happening to me i get about 1-5 fps

Youre going to need more than integrated graphics.

I have a good graphics card but nothing works

The game isn’t fully optimised yet so FPS will probably be a bit lower than final release. However running integrated graphics isn’t going to end well either way