Lag / Rubberbanding?

I’m not sure what to call this, but when I’m bhopping on my deathrun server and turn quite sharply or change directions, this happens:


  • I’m getting ~100 ping
  • Tickrate is 100
  • I get about 350fps when playing without recording and it still happens
  • Using autobhop

what’s the server hosted on?

NFO’s servers (NYC) with that hyperaccelerator addon.

Here’s the specs directly from NFO’s website.

Four full, dedicated HT CPU cores (Nehalem or better)
4096 MB of RAM
400 GB of RAID-protected storage
16000 GB of bandwidth transfer

It’s InterNAP, if that helps.

Also this was on my other server, an exact mirror of my deathrun with only one bot in the game. The glitch is exactly the same on both.

Does your gamemode have any code that tries to make jumping easier?

if you look at the net_graph, there’s a lot of cpu lag going on (the red spikes at the bottom) when you’re doing that.

It’s got autobhop which I don’t think it is since other deathrun gamemodes have the exact same code and they don’t have the issue.

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Isn’t that entities?

yeah ignore the guy the netgraph is fine

does the same movement thing happen if you bhop manually or even just sprinting/jumping around? or does it only happen when using auto bhop?

It’s the same without autobhop.

Update: I’m an absolute retard. Didn’t include shared.lua on the client. Fuck. Damn. Fuck. Shit.

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Not sure how my server survived for 6 months without shared.lua on the client…