Lag spike

Well when ever we run a garrymod server on our dedicated pc it gets the random these lag spike.
The people who host for us is
the specs
Intel Xeon 3360 Quad Core at 3.0 GHz,
4 GB of Ram,
2x 146 GB 15000K RPM SAS Hard Drives,
Dell PowerEdge R200 Server
internet Speeds is on a 100 Megabit connection,
ThePlanet Internet connection.
We’ve tried everything. Theplanet ppl say theres nothing wrong.
plz help.

Is your firewall configured correctly?

Need more information. Specifically, how many servers do you host, for what games and how many players. And I don’t just mean game servers.

We Run 4 Garrysmod servers. And 1 CS Server.


Anyone plz help

Alot of addons can cause this. Also, check for stargate. that can cause lag. Odd but true.

Probably a dodgy addon, try not to put hundreds of them on a server, it puts people off joining and makes things unstable.

Watch CPU usage of srcds when the lag happens, srcds can only use what it thinks is one cpu as it is not multithreaded. It will only use up to 25% on your server. Just a note, the 3360 is 4 cores running at 2.83ghz, not 3ghz.

You answered your own question, you overloaded the box.

Giga is right. For running all that on the same network, lower the people

100 concurrent users is not that much, I regularly go over 125, 100 concurrent users is around 10mbit/sec.

true, I misread and didnt see the mbit/sec XD Yeah im wrong…