Lag Spikes in server with <50 ping

Hello community,
Im here to show you something strange which has been happening to me in the last 2 months in some servers.
Even if I have very low ping, some servers my friends play on perfectly just don’t work for me (and the ping is the same).
When I say that they don’t work for me, is that the lag spikes and rubber banding is too much (but I am sure it is from the connection of my client with the server)
cause everyone else is just fine.
The example I show in video is in a freshly wiped server: Facepunch Amsterdam III , and you can see how the ping goes suddenly up when rust is the only thing running (no p2p programs or downloads active)
resulting in impossible pvp fights, and therefore nothing to do with my team over there.
Video: [video][/video]
Ive been trying some servers, and for example facepunch frankfurt small worked nice with constant 34ms (the distance from amsterdam to my pc is same as frankfurt :smiley: )
Same with London V, works perfect with constant ping.
We get really nice fps in Amsterdam III and we want to stay here, any idea of where I can search for the problem?
Or in the ultimate case it is a issue with the server with certain ISP can admins solve it or tell me what could I try?
Thanks for your time guys :smiley:

Another video showing the difference, and how the Rust menu gives same ping for both of the servers but when I start playing it starts going crazy :confused:

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Whats your download and upload speed?

Shouldn’t matter if his ping never goes above 50ms.

@OP Next time you get a lag spike, press f1 and go into network information, what is your packet loss at the time of the lag spike?

300/30Mb and the network info is this for 47ms / 910ms / 2574ms

My old Connection was 1mb/0.2mb and Rust used 80% of my upload speed. In big fights i had laggs like shit. Im so happy about my new 16mb/1mb connection.

Your packet loss is over 10% in all three images, I would think this is the problem. I’m not exactly sure what would cause this or how to fix it though.

Yep already saw that when I did the screenshots, it seems my connection is having some issues with that servers… But why doesn’t it happen with all? I mean, London V is just 0% packet loss, so its not from my connection side the issue, its somewhere between my ISP and the Amsterdam servers, they probably don’t like each other.

PS: Just connected to Amsterdam 3 server and im getting constant 46 ping and 0% packet loss… The server has 86/200 population at the moment and the other day when the server was working fine for me (10 first minutes after the wipe) it was also at low pop (I would say everytime I have had issues is over 120 pop) Wtf is going on here? xD Anyone know a suitable reason for all this randomness?

Edit: One hour later… 107/200 Back to the same problem

Tried in a private server from Groningen (Netherlands) and the ping is stable and there is no lag spikes


Still there is a lot of packet loss, but it doesnt affect performance here…

That is quite strange, honestly if it were me in this position I would just format my hard drives and do a complete reinstallion of Windows as it definitely seems like something on your end is causing the issue. This of course isn’t an option for everybody though.

Thing is, it is not my pc, cause I tried with another PC with another complete configuration (software and hardware and even cable/wifi) and it gives the same pings for both of the servers showed in the video Amsterdam III and London V.
It is something to do with the connection between my end and the server.
Could a server restart make any difference? I am out of ideas already, and ISP doesn’t give any solution as it states that my connection is fine in every other cases with any other servers.

With that said I would think it has something to do with your ISP. I doubt they would ever admit it’s a problem on their end though.

Ye, the problem is already sent to them, and they say they are working on it, but apart from that, how can every other server work just fine? If it was something to do completely with my ISP then the problem would be much more extended, and I wouldnt be able to go into any other server because it is only from my end. The case here is that its only one server (or one group of servers from one destiny or host) , though is true, that my ISP has something to do with it as my coleagues with other ISPs don’t have any issues.

Problem solved using VPN, its a problem from my ISP and enrouting