Lag spikes in single player.

I’ve been suffering through severely annoying frequent lag spikes when playing single player (strangely not in multiplayer). It may be because of excessive addons, custom materials, lua scripts, etc. Truthfully, I really don’t have a damn clue, but I want it to end. I hardly have any applications running in the background. Setting the graphics lower does not help.

If anyone can suggest some custom stuff that may be causing the lag spikes, please shout out. I am really looking toward anything to stopping them. I also don’t want to have to delete random shit just because there is a possibility that it is not causing this problem.

Can you give us the size of your addon folder or your amount of addons and the size of your garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

The addons folder is about 2 gb. The whole garrysmod folder is 14 gb. Big, I know, but my FPS is just fine when the spikes don’t happen!

meh, not as bad as me, I’ve had mine up to 19GB with the cinematic mod textures and sounds all installed, it used to look good before it crashed.

Of course the lag spikes will only happen ocasionaly, it’s what happens. Looking at some parts of a map that are smaller and have less props will grant you a higher FPS than a part full of props and very expansive.
I say just check your garrysmod folder for anything uneeded or if you think you need it all, deal with it.