Lag spikes in the snow biome

So a few people on my server are reporting serious lag/ping spikes when entering/traversing the snow biome. I have not experienced it myself, but about 5 different people have PM’d me about it. Wondered if anyone else in experiencing similar issues?

I have noticed the same, I literally live in the snow biome, and it happens from time to time.

i got hit by this earlier today while my internet connection was working just fine. Nobody outside the snow noticed any spike

ok so its not just in the snow biome - seems these lag spikes occur when the player gets cold

I have had my character in the north for three days now and only had one instance of lag, I figure it was memory leak related as I had been on for four or five hours so I disconnected rebooted and reconnected and have t seen it again

I do t recall being cold but it’s possible I had run through a river