-Lag Spikes- PLEASE HELP

Ok so I’m no sure why this started happening but recently I’ve got these random lag spikes where every 10 seconds or so i get a lag spike that is about 1 second long. It is very annoying cause this can be the difference between life and death in some gamemodes. I’ve tested this out and its in sp and mp on all gamemodes. I disabled all my addons then completely uninstalled them no luck. I tried changing my video settings also no luck no matter how low still the same. I’m running Windows 8 and I have no other applications to create extra lag open. Please help! Thanks.

When you say lag spikes, you could be referring to two things. Are you talking about your FPS dropping, or your network lagging? The latter wouldn’t cause problems on singleplayer

It could be those two that @djjkxbox360 stated or it could be the gamemode, it is not fairly optimized…

Or simply you having a really shitty graphics card.