Lag Spikes

I have good specs and run Gmod at a 60 fps average, and I cannot figure out why I have lag spikes every 2.5 minutes. I’ve tried a method where you turn off Windows Aero Extensions, but it has proven to do no good. I have also tried uninstalling and clearing addons but it still does nothing. Can something please help. I am on the edge of quitting Gmod because of this.

Is this on all servers or just some?

This is for Single player and multiplayer

Spikes or just moments where the game completely freezes for a second? I have been experiencing something similar to this.

Using a GTX 260. I usually average 200 on flatgrass.

When did you last update wiremod (assuming your using it).
I found two major problems with it that would cause this (function and memory leak).

Wiremods been patched with the fixes quite recently so if you havent updated in a while, try that.

That’s exactly what I thought it was cause I just updated it yesterday and this issue started happening.

Make sure you’re now using Wiremod on the workshop. Pretty sure the SVN version is outdated.