Lag when creating DHTML

Hi there

I as well as another developer a lag spike for about 2-3 seconds every time we instantiate a DHTML panel.

The code run is the following:

vgui.Create(“DHTML”, ParentPanel)

We also have a third developer who does not experience this. Does anyone have ideas of what can cause this?

I have reinstalled my garrysmod without success.


Could be your Anti-Virus blocks Awesomium somehow? I dont know since I never had that problem.

You’re a genius. Thank you.

I am still experiencing a very small lag spike, any further ideas?

Well…It creates a new process and it’s heavy sometimes, your pc might not be the most powerful out there

3770k (while old it should be sufficient), 32gb ram @ 1600MHz and a GTX 980, should definitely be enough

who the actual fuck needs 32 GB of RAM

many use that today, specially office PCs (and lets players, the best german lets player got a PC with actually 64GB of ram, and another machine with another 64, wich he uses for rendering etc). It gets more common to have 32+GB of ram.

have you ever joined a server in Rust with preloading assets on?

I actually needed it, had a RAM usage of about 85% at the time.