Lag when Full screening

As title says I lag terribly if i try and full screen Rust but run smoothly while playing on the default browser screen, same goes for wide screen

Running on:Google Chrome
intel core: i7-3630QM
Graphics:Nvidia Geforce GTX 675M

any help would be appreciated \ ^-^ /

Edit:Yes, its a laptop @_@


That’s the least logical answer I’ve seen.

Nagashino, it may be the browser itself, try using Firefox or Opera (I get the most FPS from Opera). Or, refer to this thread, it might have have the answer you’re looking for.

Its because of your browser, Google Chrome is a 32bit Browser and Stuff like Firefox or Safari is a 64bit browser.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Actually Firefox is 32-bit as well, he’ll need to get the 64-bit version called Waterfox.
Not sure about Safari though.

Sorry about that I got mixed up between then :stuck_out_tongue: