Lag when I use my mic

I use the push to talk option in garry’s mod and when ever I press X to talk, my game lags for a few seconds and then resume. When playing TTT this can be rather annoying. I was wondering if anyone had any fixes for this? I had tried changing the resolution, lowering the graphics. Any solutions?

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510P
2x GeForce GT 750m
Intel i7 2.4 Ghz

(All drivers are up to date.)

Does this happen in any other Source games? (TF2, CSS), if you have any addons/workshop subscriptions try removing them

I only notice it happening in Garry’s mod. I have tried removing all workshop addons and I have un-installed and re-installed the game

Did you check your addons folder?

My friend has this issue as well when he hosts a server. Once in the blue moon his microphone works properly.

The sound doesn’t lag, his entire game lags. The server lags too if he’s hosting it.

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Kitchy can you tell me what addons you have so my friend can compare and contrast with your addons?

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here’s all his addons