Lag when looking

Ok, Can someone help me solve this problem? Because if i look for example left, I get huge lag, sometimes game fall, but when i look on the other side of the map, i stol lagging and the game runs well, can you please help me? for every help +rep

In what maps do you experience this, and what are your system specs.

Does it happen only when you turn left, no matter which way you face? Or does it happen when you look at a particular area of a map?

carbint - It was just example, when i look at particular area of map

abaster -

RAM - 2gb
System - 32bit
Proccesor - AMD Athlon™ Dual Core 2,24GHz
Grafic Card - Nvidia 6600 GT

Maps: Every except basic maps (gm_flatgrass etc.) and except most noxious maps

Lag != FPS drop.

Just thought i’d throw that out there.

Get a new graphics card, i mean: A 6600GT?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
get something like a 250GTS or better if you want to play newer games, for gmod a 8800 should be enought.

I think the bare minimum on gmod was a 6800, wasn’t it?
I played for 2 years on a 7300LE.

Our main comp has a GeForce 6600. Gmod runs just fine.


Or was it 6800? The 6000-series, anyway.

Even so, if the map’s lagging then it’s most likely due to your 5 year old hardware.

I have a bad pc, because i have newest components for mypc, so if i upgrade graphic card, i need upgrade everything, so, i am waiting when i get 20 000 CZK = ± 780€