Lag when spawning entity.

Hello so i currently have a problem where if a user spawns in an entity (Vehicle, guns stuff like that) the user gets a lag spike.
This only occurs on first time spawning and does not happens to users who have been on the server where the entity was spawned before.
example: i spawn in a jeep, get the lag spike, delete the jeep, another user gets in, i spawn the jeep, the user gets a lag spike, nothing happens on my part.

I have checked on the server to see if there is any performance changes when an entity is spawned but nothing out of the ordinary happens.

I have been looking for solutions some people have mentioned “Precaching” which as far as i know runs the entities through the user so the user wont get the lag spike when they see it next time.
i don’t know if this is what i am looking for but it sounds like something along the lines of that.

any suggestions would help or if anyone have a link to this “precaching” then it would be great.

This is normal. Precaching fixes it.

Next time you need help, use the Help & Support section, not the Garry’s Mod General Discussion…

oh i though i posted it in the help section sorry about that but is it just pasting this before an entity?
util.PrecacheModel( string modelName )
of cause where i change “modelName” to the proper entity
and i guess i should also change the “util.PrecacheModel” to something like util.Precacheentity
or am i incorrect here?

You are incorrect. You’re supposed to supply the model that you want to precache within quotation marks and nothing more.

and where am i supposed to do that? in what document?