Lag with fast internet

So I was hosting gmod for my friend, my old internet speed was 3mbs and 0.5mbs upload, and the ping of my friends never go above 100, then recently I changed my internet provider with 15mbs and 2mbs upload (it’s pretty fast in my country, don’t laugh) and the ping of my friends now go over 100 ~ 300, sometime 600 peak, I will appreciate any help on this cuz it is annoying for my friends

When you changed ISP, did the location of your provider / service change? Server location is important.

Also, I run 10 down 1 up so it’s ok.

The location is still around my city, not too far

Just out of curiosity where do you live? The facepunch flag just generalizes your location as Europe.

Vietnam actually, my phone just flag me everywhere in europe lol