Hello, I try to run rust, but in game all i have is 8 FPS at lowest settings, my proccesor is taken only 20precent and RAM 20precent too…

I got nvidia gtx 850m, 8gb of rams intel i7 4710HQ

What should I do? :cry:

My GPU, 560TI is hopelessly outdated yet runs at 40 fps at simple:
Your GPU is about twice as slow, the rest of your system seems fine, but you need to upgrade your videocard (560ti 2nd hand is ~30 euro, so it doesn’t have to be expensive):

about 2 months ago it worked fine like 80-110 fps…

What graphics card does Rust say it’s using in the menus?

Or actually… scratch what I’ve written earlier… I’ve totally overlooked the DX11 performance of that card, which is way better then the 560, and given the fact that other DX versions perform way worse then it, I think the problem could very well be that it is not using DX11.
In that case you could try the commandline command -force-d3d11