Whenever I shoot a gun I lag, it really takes away from my rping experience because I can’t kill a guy with a pistol. So is there a way to fix this? I’m guessing it’s gun smoke but I don’t know.

You could edit the gun clientside and remove the effect drawing. That, or get a better computer.

And how do you that?

Find the sweps that are being used on the server, download the same ones and edit them to remove the effects? Don’t ask me about specifics but I presume it’d work like that.

I know nothing about lua or how to change shit.


Couldn’t I just delete a lua file or something?

JuiceHead - are your computer so bad it can’t handle the graphics, or is it something with the game? I mean, does everything else run smooth in the game, exept guns?

Yes everything but smoke really like I can’t look at a smoke grenade without freezing otherwise I run Gmod on high. But the smoke is just deadly.

Even my monster computer laggs if i spam custom weapons (which creates allot of smoke/dust). But it has never crashed. Just don’t spam at the same spot. Or catch several props on fire at the same spot.

It’s firing the gun that lags me I hate it not spamming them. Also I have never crashed from it it is just very frustrating not being able to fire more than 5 bullets from a M4 without it lagging .

So you mean that you’re game starts to lagg directly after you start shooting? Oh, and post your specs/computer parts.

dxdiag, if you will. Smoke effects really only lag horrible cards.


System: 32 Bit
RAM: 2 GB (Getting more once I get some more money.)
Processor: Intel® Core™2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (2CPUs),~1.9GHz
Card: NIVIDIA GeForce 7300 LE
And I have Windows 7 Ultimate and a 145GB and 500GB hard drive.

Don’t bother getting more than 1GB extra RAM. 32bit Windows 7 only registers 3GB of RAM.

You could try lowering the dxlevel, or disabling decals.

To lower dxlevel I go to gmods launch properties and type dxlevel 80 or whatever, right? Also what do you recommend I set it to?

I have no idea how to disable decals and what does that do exactly?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

-dxlevel 81 should work.


If it doesn’t, just undo the change.

Okay I will try it.


It worked thank you so much!