Lagg near other people

I am really sorry guys that I have to post something about rust performance. I really like the forum as being a platform to post and suggest your ideas instead of complaining about you problems. And next to that I know that this has been posted a million times, but I truly wasn’t able to find anything related to my problem.

So here is my problem:
Whenever I am near someone else the trouble starts. Sometimes the game totally freezes, other times I get rubberbanding and another time it even gives an error and stops Rust instantly. It is nice to know when someone is near, just by having your Rust totally screwed. It gives me the ability to stand in the bushes and be seen by no one. But then the problem is that I get caught by a bear or wolf after some time.

Besides those animals it also happens that someone finds me and I’m not able to do anything because my arrows or bullets are fired when I’m dead. Now someone ingame told me to go to the F1 console and type some code there. And so I did. Now I’m able to see my ping and fps and two other things.(sorry I’m not a computer knowhow) My ping is mostly around 17 (even when I’m near someone) while my fps is around 25 when I am not near someone (I’m playing on Beautiful) and I don’t know how much it is when I am near someone.

So now I find this really strange, because it only happens when I am near someone and I believe that has to do with the internet connection (thus ping), but the ping remains the same at all times. And when I get some friends and stay, for like half an hour, near them the lag is even going away.

The specs of my PC are:
AMD A10-7800 Accelerated Quad Core-processor (with 3.5 GHz up to 3.9 GHz)
4 MB cache
AMD Radeon R7 graphics
4 GB DDR3 SDRAM (1.866 MHz)

(I believe I have this computer, not 100% sure, I will search for it when I’m home)

I know it’s not you’re average $1500 gaming computer, but it works fine for me! I am able to play great games (my opinion) and if it doesn’t work I switch to the PS4.

Guys, if you could help me and say how I can fix this, I would love you all! Thanks!

Yea those specs may be fine for other games you play but they are fairly low for Rust.
As well, this game is still in development,things are not in a optimum state at all.
Are you able to upgrade your Ram?

I’m home and found out that my specs are even worse:
IntelCore i3-3320 CPU @ 3.3 GHz
4 GB DDR3 SDRAM (1.6 MHz)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX650 DirectX®11-graphic card with 1.024 MB GDDR5

But is it really a cause of the PC performance? Because I don’t have these issues when playing Rust with no one near me, then the game runs perfectly fine!

And I know that the PC isn’t good enough to run Rust perfectly fine, but I find it strange, because the ping remains the same and it only occurs when someone is near me! (animals are no problem at all)


Yup I believe I can upgrade my ram, but don’t know how. ->This is my PC. (sorry it is in Dutch, they have no English website)

For anyone who was interested in this topic, I found the next thing in last devblog:

It’s amazing that it is fixed already. Love you André, you’re great! So it wasn’t an issue of my computer.

Game experts have already stated in online discussions that anymore than 4GB of ram is waste unless of course you are multitasking whilst gaming.

I would say its your CPU that needs the upgrade because a lot of the older CPU’s seem incapable of producing higher than 25 fps. 25 is around the number where you start to notice stutter in gameplay. If it drops lower than expect all kinds of frustrating issues in gameplay.

As for the frame rate issues when people are nearby… its still happening to me. I know exactly when that sneaky camper bastrd is near my base when it drops and I get stutter. Other than this, mine usually stay around 56-65 FPS with the occasional drop to 49 and much lower with the player proximity issue.