Lagg spikes, making the game unplayable

As in title, the game just spikes. It’s too damn hard to hit or shoot anyone, while they can just kill you. My pc is kinda good i could run bf3 on high without problem. I play league on high with stable 60 FPS too. Also it is the first game i have technical issues with. The game is awesome and i like it but the laggs make it kinda unplayable.

pc specs:

graphics card: NVDIA GeForce GTX 570
intel core i5-2500k 3.3 GHZ
8GB ram
msi b75a-g43

if anything more is needed i can post



yea i have the same problem but nobody responds and i haven’t found any solutions online

Not sure there’s a fix tbh, 200 population servers are kinda laggy atm.

Its not any hardware causing the issues, some of the official servers that have a lot of players simply have unbearable lag, ESPECIALLY IN GUNFIGHTS! People just teleport/rubberband all over the place making it near impossible to hit anyone.

atm? So it will be fixed? Or is my pc not strong enough to hold that many players on 1 server?

well there is lag and rubber banding like you said, but it’s not really that. there’s legitimate client framerate issues.

OK Guys, first time i ever “Started” the game it was very laggy. Impossible to play.
TBH My Laptop specs are pretty awesome, and the game was lagging.

CPU: IntelR CoreTM i7-2670QM
LED Panel: 17.3" FHD, 1920X1080 (Non-glare Type)
HDD: 750GB 7200RPM
RF: 802 11/b/g/r

So yes, after playing the game for a while, the game started raising the FPS, from 4 —> into 60/70
I think you have to make your PC wait for it to analyze the game you know.
Every time once you join any game it have to be laggy. Because it is loading stuff.

Happy gaming! :dance:

this has nothing to do with your specs i have a laptop with alot worse spec and im able to get aroun 30 - 50 fps this is a problem with the game just play it for a little while and see if ur PC adjusts to it.

F1 -> “grass.on false”
Also, try running game with this parameter: -force-d3d11 if you suspect that it is not using your MAIN gfx-card.

The rubberbanding is indeed present on all servers it seems, and makes it kinda silly to play. I just lost full kevlar, modified M5 and Shotgun to some moron with a pistol today, cause somehow I must’ve frozen a long time on his screen and he landed afew headshots, while he was invisible on my screen. Can’t wait till this game gets out of Alpha!

Guarantee you have the exact same problem has me, view my thread here:

I spent a 30 hours building a secure base, resources hut and an outpost only to find when I ventured into the rad zones and heavily populated areas if became too laggy to play.

I want to try a low population unofficial server to see if it helps but I don’t want madmin abuse.

Hey Jimbownz,

This issue is 90% server side. Play on a Community Server, mine is at (net.connect

I have people play all day without a single lag issue. The Devs are purposefully stress testing public servers for large scale playability. You just want to play. Join a Community Server until you want to help with the actual Alpha Testing.

Well i tried both of those fixes. Disabling Realtek doesn’t help, i lose the sound and the lagg is still here. :frowning: