Lagged out and saw this...

So, I just killed a guy and was running home to put away my loot and realized I couldn’t open my door. I saw my buddy frozen standing outside the house and asked if he too was lagged out. He said he was fine and could still open boxes and doors, etc.

After about a minute, my screen goes black and flickered to this screen:

I couldn’t move. I could see a fire flickering inside this room and a HUGE BEAST moving it’s body and head. WTF IS THIS?

It’s the background of the new menu screen. Press escape and a menu should appear.

OH odd. But that explains it. Thanks. :smiley:

Why you make the background terrifying? :frowning:

Same happened to me on US Central (no sleepers). Can’t log in now. thought maybe hackers had teleported me somewhere, lol. They used to do that all the time in DayZ

I just had the same thing on US East. Could be a new disconnected screen or something else…


It’s the background of the new menu for the steam version.