lagging hard. can not play game. just got key. sad panda haha

on mac book pro couple years old. blah blah blah. is super lagged out on fire fox, less lagged the f out on apples “portal to the internet”… downloaded google chrome. and it was better but still laggin hard son!.

any help please would be great on this subject. kinda want to get drunk and play.

or go bang my cousin. please stop me. lmao.

thx guys and gals

There have been a lot of issues with people playing on laptops in general. If your Mac has a dedicated GPU i would suggest that you check to see if you setup allows for you to run everything on the GPU alone. Since the game runs in a browser right now many laptops will run the game with the integrated GPU, which isn’t usually enough to play the game at acceptable levels. Switching it to run using only the dedicated GPU in the BIOS should help out.

how exactly does one switch from integrated to dedicated if you don’t mind me asking :x?

BIOS settings

Well the problem is clear…

You have a mac.

But seriously, mac laptops usually have lower end nvidia gx cards… and since yours is even older than that really doesn’t help. Stay away from rad zones until you can get a new computer OR they fix the lag.