Lagging Models?

I have my server set up and I was planning to use it for machinima with my friends. But there’s one problem. The playermodels lag. When they run they lag and when they shoot they don’t sync and do some funny animation. Any way of fixing this?

What Gamemode?


Ehh. Check your servers tickrate

Add -verify_all to your update batch file and run it to make sure you don’t have any corrupted models. I would suggest for the lagging models to either lower your tickrate, higher your tickrate, get a better internet connection or a better cpu. If it doesn’t run properly after changing the tick rate I would look to the hardware it’s running on, try shutting down any extra processes you have running. Post a result and your hardware specs too.

Apparently, it’s only me who’s lagging. That makes no sense since I’m hosting the server. But I will do what you said slayer. Thanks!