Lagging out of servers after 5-10 minutes

Hello, after surfing for a fix on this annoying problem for weeks now i have no more option than to post my own thread.

So im getting this problem whenever i get to my trusty ZS serrver, (or really any other zs server).

Thing is after joining after 5-10 minutes the “disconnecting” mesagge shows up for no darn reason( modem is ok, computer is not going kaput, and the only thing that shows up in console is as follows:)
SoundEmitter: removing map sound overrides [1 to remove, 0 to restore]
Then im out, this did not happen before (like say 4 weeks ago). The only leads that i have got from elsewhere in the internet is “vps” and something related to that ( i recently changed my internet provider, if that matters at all.)

apparently on another trusty ttt server this does not happen ( i have not tested other servers only ttt and like 3 different zs servers.)

Please, a fix would be very welcome. It is very annoying to be disconnected for no apparent reason.

Thanks in advance.

[UPDATE] Thing now happens in every server. I have contacted my internet provider and the problem was not solved. Plz help