Lagging with great FPS

So I am getting around 100-150fps, but every so often (more often then not) I experience huge lag spikes. I can tell when I am lagging by pulling out my torch and if the number is not counting down I know I’m lagging. Also I still see people and animals warp around ie they move around without moving their legs no animation whatsoever.

The second part of that sounds like rubber banding, and the first part… have you tried setting a maximum FPS? Lag spikes like that happen when the FPS jumps around too much.

if you have a nvidia card you can set it so that rust has vsync on + triple buffering, which could allow better performance via limiting FPS.

sounds more network, this is every server? if so it’s your side.

Any idea how to check/fix it if its network related? The server I play on has like 20ping so. I am also having the same problem this guy is

It’s a connection issue, have you checked out your router and set DMZ mode on it?

How do I set dmz mode on it?

Depends on router you have.

Well DMZ mode doesnt help at all :(. I know I am not the only one with this problem but it is quite annoying.

So I found out my problem has to do with desyncing which can be fixed by relogging (still annoying) but I am still having trouble viewing people and animals moving with normal animations and not just skipping across the ground.