Laggspikes on high populated servers

Hello there. This is my first facepunch forum thread :slight_smile:
I just copy the rustreddit post of mine, since it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

I’m one of the admins on the European Survivors Vanilla Server in the community serverlist and I would like to adress a huge issue which occured in the past couple of days.
We have like ~100 players constantly enjoying this game on our server.
It seems like that 10-15 random players get huge packet losses (5k+ ms) for a small period of time and we really couldn’t find the source of it, neither the host did.
After some investigations on other servers, it seemed like they have a similar issue.
My question is if those laggspikes are associating with the rubberbanding issue, which isn’t completely fixed yet?
Do you guys have the same problem on lower populated servers?
It needs to be fixed if this is a rust related problem. People loosing motivation to play rust because of it, which is sad in my oppinion.
I just wanted to let you guys know and share my experience as admin.

Thanks for reading and thanks to the dev’s for making such a great game. Can’t wait for more mindblowing updates :slight_smile:

Nobody has to share his experience? You guys don’t have any laggspikes? This should get way more attention!

I don’t know if this is relevant to the laggspikes, but the AI.handler seems to have problems too. The console says : TimeWarning: AIHandler.Cycle took 0.84 seconds (837ms).

Best solution to this is when i have 256/256 players on , Remove all animals. Prevent them from spawning. Use a kit to give people leather,cloth,meat

Solves the problem for me

It takes away from the game but it prevents the server from lagging like my grandpa.