Laggy movement

I have about 40-70ping 100mbps connection fiber link (not sharing the net with anyone) and 100+ fps but I see most if not all actually of the players teleporting when they move . it’s like someone is running normally then I suddenly see him stop and teleports in front like he has speed and it repeats at like each 2-5 seconds . Anyone knows any way of fighting this ? I heard it might be happening because of the current patch ( I didn’t have those problem before on highly populated servers like I do now )
This is how it looks with one of my buddies (that also has about 40 ping) and that’s the best I get , when encountering others it is usually much worse

I’m not here to complain but I am just hoping that somebody might have a solution :d (I know the game is still in Alpha)

P.S: this even happens on lower populated servers but not that “strong” and not that often .

Maybe they cheat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, how many servers did you try?

@ Mezamorphis - I’m having the exact same problem. They look like they’re running in spurts.

I have same problem. I have 70+fps 100mbps cable internet connection? And players teleporting when they move. What can I do with that?

Got about 250h in Rust and before this I played about 200 on various servers including officials for like 30h and never got this . I guess you watched the video and saw what’s happening . I tried about 20-25 servers and on many I get this since the last patch . Hopefully they will add a fix soon :smiley:

We hope.