lags and delays wild after a couple hours of play

lags and delays wild after a couple hours of play:(

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kraft freezes

Crafting stuck

Items are getting stuck at the end of crafting and not entering your inventory for a while (or never at all). This is one of the issues which appears to get worse over time. After a fresh wipe, items enter your inventory immediately. However, after a server running for several hours, items start taking longer and longer to enter your inventory. They just stay stuck at the 100% crafting for minutes.
Doors not showing actual state

This is another issue which appears to get worse over time. Opening / closing doors sometimes lags out resulting in the door actually opening but clients don’t see the update till they relog.

FPS hitching

Another bittersweet part of the new update: FPS has drastically improved overall, however, everyone appears to getting hiccups / stutters / hitches (whatever you want to call them) a couple times a minute. This really interferes with having a smooth gameplay experience and doesn’t appear to be affecting only less powerful computers.

PvP lag

Interactions between players is really shitty at the moment (seemingly shittier than normal). This is a game wide issue, not server specific.

Tree’s disappearing

Many people are running around for a while and not seeing any trees. Then, if they relog, they wake up in a forest. It seems trees are disappearing on the client side and then not appearing again till the client relogs. Garry committed a fix earlier for this, and, so far it appears to be fixed on servers which have run todays latest patch.

Day / night cycle off

Something is wonky with the timing of day and night on this build. Basically, the moon or sun will bounce around sporadically, causing a noticeable shift in the lighting. On top of that, it seems servers are getting stuck in very long night cycles after a period of time. Garry did tweak dedicated server timings today so this may be fixed.
Wood burning slower

Another one which may be related to dedicated server timings and appears to be fixed on servers which have run todays update. Wood in your fire / furnace burns significantly slower than before. This would be fine if food cooked or ore smelted faster, however, it doesn’t appear to have any effect on how much wood is required.

Building upgrades not working sometimes

Certain building parts are unable to be upgraded to level 2. I have not nailed down a specific case where this happens yet, it just appears to be random. Relogging doesn’t appear to resolve the issue. If you have more info on this, please comment below.

Global chat, global silence

Shit got eerily quiet after the last update. That is because the server chat went local by default. Basically, you can only text chat with people who are very close to you. I’m torn on this one. On one hand, it only takes a couple asshats to completely fuck up the server chat. On the other hand, its nice for everyone to be able to communicate with each other. Looking at the server console last night, I saw a whole lot of people talking to themselves. Given this (and the state of the game) I turned global chat back on in our server for the time being.
Chickens, chickens everywhere

Chickens have been added. At first you’re like, “Awesome, some motherfucking poultry in play!” Then you get in game and slowly start going insane because all you hear, from every direction, is “buck buck buck buck bucckaaa!” I’m eager for this to be toned down like 5 fold.

Stuck in chat

Another frustrating issue is sometimes the chat comes right back up after you press enter. This results in people pressing enter 20 times in a row. Here’s a tip: Hit escape twice and that shit will go away.

Its the memory leak. Just shut down,reboot and all will be good

does not help

It’s the servers, Not the clients.

It’s Johnny Depp, Not the servers.

Actual screenshot from server logs ^ :eng101:

my server Rust Planet

well i had also a fun problem … save file was corrupted when i restarted the server, had to wipe the server.
(it was AFTER the updates, so no updates between the restart)
don’t really care, but still something that i’d like to point out to see if others get the same problem.

Server [Ru] Rust Planet [No Wipe ||]
I am the admin of this server

Admin (moderatorid) causes server crashes
ownerid and inventory.give “” “1” also causes crashes

  • admin menu tab is not working

With my server after about 9 hours of use (20 or so players logged on at a time) the server performance goes to shit with high CPU usage, this is mainly causing AI to be very slow to react and player lerp delay.

We have restarted the server once, when loading the save performance went to shit again. we then wiped the server and everything was fine again for about 9 hours.

Really good overview on the existing problems

If the games runs for a few hours before the lag its the memory leak.

UI is annoyingly slow and laggy now too

Yeah siriously this lag/delay is making this game unplayable for me, please fix the issue°!!!.

well honest for me and players on my server, the last to updates where a downgrade to a very very early alpha. special the last on made this game unplayable. the building if you build big i lose walls after hours but the say 100% stable all pillars set and still fall out. dont know if i will keep my server up and stop for some time to see how this Sh** is coming on.

It’s the server. Needs a reboot each day.

server restart does not help, just wipe the server :frowning:

Finding it unplayable right now in all but the most empty servers.

Seattle Official is empty, and its completely non playable… there are some major ass issues with the code right now.

My Server stats.
Before Friday rust update with over 100 players. you can see that infamous server freeze with mass kick with over 80 players towards the end :confused:
But very well below 100% and playable.

After Fridays Rust update with 20–50 players. “have to limit the amount of players now :/”
100% and above, unplayable.

and yes fresh map wipes to see if would make a difference…

State of the game
November 24, 2014
12:59am EST - It was a rough weekend for Rust. We saw a much anticipated update on Friday, and, although the new building system is pretty sweet, the issues introduced seriously impact playability.
State of the game

Server performance is dipping dramatically over a short period of time. The longer since the last wipe, the farther south it goes. As this happens, pretty much every aspect of the game gets extremely lagged.

Crafted items don’t enter your inventory for minutes, every player you see jumps 20ft at a time, chat messages take seconds to send, night starts lasting a lot longer and the time of day shifts 30+ minutes at a time, wood even burns slower. Basically, the game gets totally unplayable. This is happening in as little as 6 hours since the last wipe (Note: I think this number is slightly longer when the server is less populated). Restarting the server and loading the save doesn’t fix it. The only fix is wiping.

On top of that, servers are experiencing random mass drops. This was happening the other week, died down for a bit and started again on Friday. Basically, everyone in the server gets kicked in one go. They can join again, however, after another 10 minutes or so, it mass drops everyone again. This continues happening frequently till the server is rebooted. Compounding this, items in wood storage boxes are disappearing after server restarts, so many people lose a lot of their items each time this happens.

Garry did some debugging of the building system yesterday, and I know he’s on top of this shit, so hopefully we’ll see some relief soon. In the mean time, I recommend playing small. Don’t bother trying to gather 100k wood or crafting 500 bullets because those things will likely be gone within a matter of hours. Multiple wipes each day are the pits, however, it’s the only way to ensure any semblance of smooth gameplay at the moment.
Monday development updates

I’m writing this before the team has started on development for the day. I’ll post an update on their progress by 1pm EST today.
Tip of the day: Store valuables in furnaces or campfires.

Storage boxes are losing items on restart. I’ve reached out to Maurino about this (he was working on the storage box code last week) and hopefully we’ll see a fix in the next update. Until then, given this mass drop forcing server restarts, store your high value items in campfires or furnaces because they aren’t affected by this issue.

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