Lags and lags

So lately I have been playing Rust and getting lag. MAJOR lag. What happens is that I run around looking to beat up a rock with my rock, but I can’t. It doesn’t gather the resources and I can’t attack others so it leaves me EXTREMELY vulnerable. I have been playing with a friend and they say they don’t get that kind of lag. And it’s not FPS problems, I can run Rust perfectly fine on Fantastic. So does anyone else get the problem and/or knows how to fix it? helps please… i wanna plays rust :’(

same problem i’m having? Try enabling dmz on your router. If that doesn’t work, looks like we gotta wait on a patch.

Sounds like a network issue to me.

Looks like I gotta wait now… I enabled DMZ, and I also use an ethernet cable and I still get the same issue D:

They’ve acknowledged it on the front page of the site so hopefully it’s fixed somewhat soon.

It seems to have stopped, for now at least since I’ve restarted my system after enabling DMZ, so that helps a bunch! Thanks bmj for the suggestion.