Lags on official servers

Current situation on official servers makes game impossible to play. Too big delay after any action. People are moving with jerks. Items drop from barrels with so slow motion that i think i’m watching “The Matrix”.

Your decay system doesn’t work properly. There are too many barricades and etc all over the maps. I don’t even talk about half-decayed buildings. I can understand that decay of foundation is a long term, but other objects do not decay at all!

If you think that lags is problem of my pc, you are wrong. I have stable 60 fps and perfect internet connection. My friends have same problems on more powerful computers.

I have tested lags on Moscow II, London and Amsterdam. Until yesterday played on Amsterdam, but yesterday lags started on it. Before Amsterdam i tried to play on Moscow and London for three days. It was awful. Now it’s absolutely impossible to pvp.

As i think it happens because servers are out of sync with players, so you have to fix it with coding.

But until that time we need wipe. Just wipe all objects on map, please!! Atleast on Moscow. I don’t have twitter, so i can’t write directly to Garry.

P.S. sorry for my english, It’s not my native language.

Too many players on those “official servers”. You have building pieces and all of the in game items that have to spawn in and out and every movement could mean some more things are spawning in and out. You also have people placing things randomly to get them out of their inventory instead of just dropping them for fear of others getting them. Enjoy the lag fest of “Official Servers” or play in other servers hosted by others.

or it could be the fact that they havent been wiped in WAY too long…