Lags or ddos ?

After some time, the server begins to lag and all goes ping!
And this console spam : Warning: 103684 global queued usermessages!


I highly doubt that a DarkRP server is anywhere near worthy of getting somebody with an expensive and probably illegal botnet to DDoS you.

This would be fail coding on your part.

How do you even manage to do that? :v:

No clue, but it sure isn’t a DDoS :v:

I don’t use uMsg’s anymore, so I don’t think I’d ever see that error anyway.

Maybe I made a mistake in the gamemode code?

This could be caused by a issue with a plugin, what plugins do you have on the server?

that would be some kind of terrible coding somewhere.

You can get FPS low with coding, but you gotta have some skill to get ping up. Check your router logs.

It’s caused when you’re sending too many usermessages to clients at the same time.

Are you sending usermessages every second? Holy shit. It’s like you’re ddosing the clients, not the other way around.

I made this mistake years ago (Somewhere before september 2009. It might well have been 2008)

Anyway, it’s fixed now. Update FPP and/or DarkRP. Both have the fix.

It allowed people to spam a command to cause the error described above. It’s a form of DoS. Specifically a DoS in the form of an exploit.