Lake Alyonushka.

Lake Alyonushka

take my soul

holy shit


great atmosphere!

You’ve achieved the impossible.
You made source water look great.

Absolutely fantastic.

great scenebuild, but the skull ruins it though, I’m not sure either it makes no sense or just looks out of place.

This is amazing. I recognize the props and have a hard time believing that it’s gmod, but it is. Is the ground a prop or is it a part of some map?

The ground is from the znalecc’s skyrim pack.

Spectacular everything. Can we get the original?

By the rings that’s amazing!

prosto ohuenno

I think it’s a full on skeleton and it’s to add atmosphere or the such? Either way, amazing.

You’re asking me ? I don’t know, ask the author maybe he will explain you his vision of how that not old looking tent, skeleton on the boat, one plate and spade on the ground relate to each other or make sense for that scenebuild.

I think it has something to do with the lake. If I remember correctly, the lake is famous for being a tourist destination and having a young girl drown there. So it’s both spooky and pretty at the same time.