Lamarr the Wheelman

the car has great leather seats.
i like the gangsta zombie too

The seats were the best part.

They are hanging on the steering wheel and sides of the car for their dear lives!

The cop cart shot off the side, derp.

lamarr is a girl

Headcrabs are bio-engineered weapons. They’re asexual.

Uhhhh…they are parasites from xen.

That the Combine took and made into bioweapons.

I’ll be honest
I kinda expected this when I saw your avatar.

How did the combine aim way to their right and still hit them?

Lamarr is driving down to

Submachine gun.

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I meant to put it in the Trollpose thread, but I thought ‘what the hell’, and made a thread.

Uhh, no you moron, they just collect them and fire them at people in giant pods, they’re not mass produced like the god damn synths.

stfu Lamarr’s cooler.

Badass Lamarr

how do you think the combine get them since they cannot get to xen due to their inefficient portal technology

by breeding the ones already on earth :ssh:

Also fuck the haters I love this pic.

Pretty sure taking something dangerous and biological and shooting it out of a goddamn cannon qualifies it as a ‘bioweapon’.

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That said, his earlier posts are dumb too, so you two can consider yourselves even