Lambda Corporation Doing Battle with Russian Forces (Freefall Teaser)

Thread music (Newgrounds; may be loud):



There are three different edits to this picture. Regardless of C&C, I’d like to see what you guys think is the best one:

Edit 1 (blue filter):



Edit 2 (higher contrast version of 1):



Edit 3 (afternoon/orange filter):


C&C. I used a lot of burning all over this one. Let me know if you guys like it.

Posing is okay. Muzzleflash is bad, too blurry.

Ah did whut ah cud…

I lack the skill to do much with muzzleflashes.

Look up Chesty’s muzzleflash.

Talking Gullah on the internet makes you look like a bigger fool.

It was a reference to the demoman in TF2. He has a voiceover where he drunkenly points out he did what he could.

I did use his tutorial with a completely different picture, but part of it wasn’t clear enough to me and I ended up getting an even worse looking muzzleflash.

the posing needs work

Which part? If you’re referring to the AUG trooper, I don’t think there is nothing wrong with him. It’s the angle.