Lambda rebel sitting on a fence.

A very mild scene build on gm_flatgrass. Bored and felt like doing some posing, been a while but I am happy with it.

Comments etc please.

Oh ya, and this is supposed to be like a fall first snow fall type deal.

I like it. The scene build looks good.

I like it, but his pose seems a bit…


Maybe it’s his legs leaning inwards like that.

Anyone sitting on a fence will look a bit odd. I mean even grizzled cowboys covered in mud and chewing tobacco will look wierd.

It’s very nice. Dunno how you do this awesome shit in gm_flatgrass. :v:
Although I suppose I never tried

More childish…

Posing is a little off. But i like the angle and the snow is good.

Would’ve been better with rolling hills or something behind him, but it does look pretty good. He’s sitting too far back on the fence to be comfortable like that, though.

I thought of putting hills in the background but then I realized I wanted it to look more like a large open field.

Snow is good. It doesn’t really work with the sky but it still looks decent.
Nice work.

But cloudy sky is cloudy :frowning:

Is it? Oh. I can’t really see any shape of clouds. Just looks a bit like a bland skybox with no HDR.

I am not a big fan of HDR, it generally looks like poo. Also, Canadian winter skies are just that, shapeless bland dark garbage crapola.

cheers nice pic


download flatgrass2008, it has a way better skybox than default shitgrass

Awesome. You did a god job.
Can’t believe that’s all on flatass.

Btw tell the noob how to launch the snow/rain particles? I’ve downloaded the script, but it doesn’t exec.

Look up tuts online, I created my snow by modifying the rain creation a bit… a bit more gaussian blur and a bit of tweaking with white levels.

Nice and clear, I like it.