Lambda Rebles are ambushing Combine Squad.


C&C always welcome, but trolling pretend C&C? GTFO.

Looks pretty good, but the muzzle-flash on the far left looks very flat and the center one is creating way too much light.

Tracers are awfully fat.

What the hell does the guy on the right have? The body says “AK” but the barrel suggests “SNIPER”.


The tracers are the only thing I don’t like about it. Great pic!

Thank you, have a wrench.

much better, thanks for c&c

Harsh but that’s the C&C we need around here! Have a wrench.
They only thing I had catch my eye was the foot clipping and the shells that wern’t ejected.

Guy firing on the left has a broken wrist I hope he gets better soon.

Also seems like the medic is holding the bag in his hand, don’t think it’s supposed to be on his leg (directed at the crit pic)

The lighting is wrong, too much highlighting for it to be mid day

It looks like thier under some trees and it looks foggy.

that’s right he holding the bag.


and flame of muzzle flash doesn’t completely line up with barrel.

like this pic


look carefully

Where would the rebels get Aks anyways.

I think the more common weapons would be the I-Rifles and Smgs

an AR3 would be less rare then a AK


Also the obvious Every Bullet is a Tracer Trope

Looks really washed out

i hope you’re kidding, do you realise just how many millions of aks there are floating around in the world? the combine might be powerful but they aren’t omniscient

fuck there are still stg44s, fg42s, martini-henrys and even the odd 18th century goddamn blunderbuss floating around the insurgent/terrorist/african rebellion circuit, what does that tell you about the likelyhood of finding the single most prolific weapon on earth in hl2?

you honestly think the resistance can rustle up a teleporter and pull an entire soviet missile base from their collective arse, yet they can’t find a single kalashnikov?


Tens of millions of AK-47s.

Hundreds of millions of AK variants, probably doesn’t include copies/knockoffs.

So yeah, prolific indeed :hist101: