LAMBDA WARS V3: Half-Life didn't get a 3 but we sure do!

Note: Game is still a work in progress!

Looks epic

I’ll consider squeezing in this time, gotta work around a tight university schedule though

I will join too when I will learn to reskin again or find someone who would do it for me.

Sounds like fun. I’ll glue together a couple of images.

looks like fun little role-playing thread that i might hop in

Wam bam pow Coombini faction incoming.[/T][T][/T]




TO CLARIFY ABOUT MY PREVIOUS FACTION it still exists, I’m just not in control of it right now. If you want to feature the Lightning Division in something or use a few of their guys for your own men go for it. They might make a return but it’s likely I’ll stick with these guys.

That’s a pretty creative idea for a tank gun!

I might make a resistance faction,but i have to find the time for it.

Faction Name :RKCA (Resistance Kickin' Combine Asses) Alignment: Rebel

Also sidenote: The Railroad’s coming back to help those in need!

In the wee hours of the morning, a freight train clatters along the old Grays Harbor Line in western Washington. This is a ‘special job’, called out for one specific purpose- To get the equipment out of Camp Grisdale, before the rebels do.

A derelict M103A2, a longtime ‘pet project’ of the Conscripts stationed at Grisdale, has been cut in near the front of the train. The first few freight cars will be set out at the wharf at Aberdeen, and the contents will be put on a ship bound for Europe.

Oddly enough, this raggedy Plymouth Fury is in the same cut of cars as the M103. Perhaps it proved important to someone?

The rest of the train is a flavorless parade of ex-National Guard equipment- Strykers, Bradleys, Humvees, and M1 Abrams tanks. This equipment once belonged to the 81st Heavy Brigade at Grisdale, and has been kept in very good condition, especially for Conscripts. However, somebody rethought the decision to keep a fully-equipped armored brigade out in the sticks, far from any relevant population center. As such, the equipment is no longer needed.

This equipment will undoubtedly be sent south to California, for short-term storage, and eventual reassignment. The most likely story is that it will end up being used against militant communists in the Central Valley. As for the 81st, they’re off to Sector 17. Soon, they will be reequipped with the T-72, and trained to operate them. They will be re-equipped with various types of Kalashnikov rifle, and the men “put away” after a recent gunrunning fiasco will be replaced by reassigned men from various eastern European units. It has been a hard year for the 81st, and this relocation could be their salvation.

(Farewell, North America, we hardly knew ye. A faction post is coming soon, but, for now, enjoy this teaser.)

The great Sun Tzu once said; “There can never be too many train pics”

Good game and sounds interesting! I might join in so… If I mess up something, please don’t strongly judge me.

Don’t you worry, everyone is welcome in the thread and we will help you make a good idea if you wish. Remember to join the groups discord if you wish to ask something! we are all here to help.

Greetings from Ft Benning Georgia! Hope V3 is the magic number for this thread. Good luck, and I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread once I finish infantry training.




Game join application

  1. Faction Name: Nerds

  2. Faction Alignment: Resistance

  3. Some images of your faction members doing stuff: Here ya go!

  1. History of your faction:
    ** The group was quickly estabilished after some rumours running around that the resistance is beating through the canals and Coast, the group is hoping that it won’t be too hard to get to the resistance base to join them. The group is made out of 5 people, person with glasses is Robert, person with SMG is James, a girl who covered her face with her hand is Rose, guy who vomited is Brandon and the girl who placed a hand on Brandon’s back is Mae.
    Each person has it’s own character characteristics, Robert is a bit blind and is brave, but he hates all creatures from Xen, but he doesn’t knows much about Vortigaunts. Brandon is just a bit coward, he just didn’t see much of the life as he was just sitting in home back in his childhood, and didn’t see anything disturbing in his life, so consider him a kid. Mae is actually quite rude and maybe a bit mentally unstable, but who knows, she atleast has some medical knowledge to help someone, she already knew that the guy with spilled out guts is dead. Rose? Nothing really much, she’s just like an every girl on the world, but she really wants to learn how to shoot guns. James… Probably not a nice person, as he claims that he picked up a water from a sleeping refugee, but he thinks its right and was required for his own survival, basically call him jerk. **

  2. (Optional) Area of operation: Canals/Coasts, all the way to the Cubbage’s base, then I’ll plan out more

P.S: Holy shit I spent on this post 2 hours, that was tough.

Hey, cool idea and all but I’m pretty sure Lambda Wars takes place before the events of the game, so we get more open leeway to make our own lores. I might be wrong but just a heads up if it’s true.

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If you want to keep your idea, I’d recommend just finding a way to write them around Gorbon Frogmin not being there. Shouldn’t be too hard, it doesn’t seem like it’d have much effect on your group from what I’ve read

Ubafest is correct, I’ll add this to the OP now but the game happens a long time before Gordon’s rise and the events of the main game, if you need to help making a faction, we will gladly help!

Aight, gonna change some texts
I am kind of thinking about mentioning/showing a Hercule Cubbage, he’s not gonna do a much, just a little eye on him.