Lamborghini Reventon.

Alright, before the “omg we aren’t going to make every fucking car, make it yourself” or “waaay too much work”, get this. Lambo Murcielago models are a lot easier, and the Reventon is a modified Murcielago. You simply add on parts that are very straight and easy to design to a Murcielago model, and zing there it is. Most of the difficult parts, such as the engine, can be decently pulled off with a texture anyway.

In case you have been living in a cave, (only Spanish speakers will understand this pun) Murcielago:
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I understand that there is already a Murcielago model for Garry’s Mod made by Sgt. Sickness, but I also realize that he has probably no time to work on a personal request because he is working so hard on EvoCity2. (doing a very good job I must add)

(I’m the OP)

Could this be ported to Source? Apparently many NFS cars have been, but I’m no modeler.