Lamp/Flashlight texture problem

Hi there. Kind of new here. Sorry to just start up with a support question, but I’m not sure where else to look. Already googled the relevant terms I could think of, already read 5 or so pages into this forum. I’m sure I just don’t know how to describe what I’m looking for to a search engine, so here goes; flame away.

I was playing with the “Lamps” tool in Gmod and I tried the “Tech” texture, that makes a sort of stained glass look in the light texture thrown onto surfaces. I wanted to make my own texture for this feature, so I did, similar to the “logo.vtf” “g” texture you can use.

However, it just won’t show up for use. I added the .vtf and .vmt files to \materials\effects\flashlight. I also tried putting them in as an addon, in the right folder hierarchy with an info.txt.

Whenever I reload Gmod, the same 8 little icons appear that come stock with the game. I don’t appear to be able to add any and have them show up. In VTFEdit, I tried to match the texture options exactly with a known good one, from the Garry’s Mod distribution itself. No luck. Is there some trick to adding new textures to this function?

Sorry if this is a newb question.

Bumping this once, then I’ll let it disappear. :frowning: