LAN Crash

My friend and I are trying to have an LAN server running, but whenever he joins my game, the game crashes on my computer.

We both have fairly decent computers, and he has all of my files that I am running.

I am trying to run a simple sandbox server. Nothing special, and other friends are able to join the server, just not him.

Any ideas as to why he is making me crash, and more importantly, any ideas about fixing it?

Too many addons can couse a server to crash, regardless of whether everyone has them. What addons do you have?

Oh I do have a good number. All of the major ones: Stargate, PHX, Mad Cow’s Weapons, Spavebuild Enhancement Pack, SCars, Wiremod, Dan’s NPCs.

But I was able to get other players on the server, so I think it’s majorly between his and my computers.

Try to ping his computer then (can’t remember how you do this in windows but you can). If it’s a problem between the two a ping will probably detect it (usually by the ping being really high).

Cmd.exe ping IP (-t afterwards for get constant feedback)

How would I do that? Does he use that command?

Okay, so his ping is ridiculously high. Why is this, and can I fix it?

I am having this same issue. I cannot find any other threads on this topic, please link if there are any.

I have never had this problem before. This is the first time in a few months i’ve played LAN, i got rid of addons. Still doesnt work.

I’ve found the problem to be them downloading something with a combination of Wiremod. I have the same problem and I cant have friends join and dl or the server crashes.

Well I’ll look into it.

I’m not sure if it matters, but he and I both use Windows 7. He has just upgraded his XP to it, and I just bought a computer that came with it factory installed. shrug