Lan games

I was playing on a LAN server on my network and I was kicked for “Not having a Steam ID”

I have a Steam, I legally own Garrys Mod

I had 2 other people (Family btw, you see we have a router )playing with me. 2 of us were offline One of use was not

Is their some rule against playing on ones own home server ? Do I have to buy a mess of new games for multiple people to use a LAN server ? (As in 3 different Steam accounts all with a bought Garrys Mod among other games)


Pretty sure you’ve all gotta be online, even for lan.

No, that´s not the problem. He needs to have different Steam accounts with Garry´s Mod in them.

So this means that I would have to get 2 extra copies of Gmod and a base steam game like Half Life 2 and place them on 2 new steam accounts for me to be able to play the game with my family ? (Making sure I am not misunderstanding)

Yep. You can’ have multiple people playing the same games on a single steam account.


I regret purchsing the game

Well thanks anyway gentleman

hmm. Me and my bro DO have different Steam accounts and we can’t even play on LAN.